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The road to Rocky Road


I guess this is my long overdue introduction! It should have been so much sooner but then some of us just keep on head butting that wall for a little longer before we see things like everybody else.

It was 18 months ago that I was made redundant from my job as a “domestic energy assessor”. I could have continued the same role in a self employed capacity but I have reached the age where I had begun to wonder when I would chase my dreams? I realised that there would never be a perfect time, and as the saying goes ‘time waits for no man’. So I decided to take a leap of faith with my artwork. 

I had been doing a few commissions and pieces for galleries for a little while at this point. 

I predominately work in pencil, pastels and ink but I also dabble on the iPad too. My subject matter has mostly been animals but lately that has been changing - so watch this space!

At this point I think I was very naive about how to go about making a living as a full time artist. I had work in several galleries in the Lake District and around Carlisle and had started a range of cards that had been selling very well but quickly realised that unpredictable and sporadic payments are not good when you need to budget or save for a family holiday and you haven’t got your regular income coming in. Slowly but surely I also discovered that having a website does not mean people will just turn up and buy from you and though it is nice to be able to paint all day - you can’t!! There is so much more involved and as many fellow artists will understand I tend to find all the ‘other’ stuff very difficult. 

So fast forward to today and I think I am slowly beginning to make progress. I have found that I am using my art in different ways and making money in unexpected places. I have been doing a learn to draw class in conjunction with Sooz In the Shed and despite my initial nerves I have found I really enjoy helping others to draw and have met some fantastic people in the process. To give people a good understanding of drawing you cannot just draw animals which I am used to. So I have been able to enjoy drawing all kinds of subjects that I would not normally have drawn and my pupils have told me they have enjoyed drawing things they never would have thought of drawing too.

I also love cooking and have started a new range of food based cards, the image on the front is a clue to the recipe inside, a bit like a foody catchphrase. All the recipes have been provided by local chefs from well known local eateries (in Carlisle). I have recently been featured in a local magazine with them and have some more coming out soon.

Currently I am working my way through the recipes, I have done a few but not photographed the results or filmed the progress which leads me to the Rocky Road!

With help from my kids we have just finished making the second batch in two week’s, needless to say it is a simple child friendly recipe that is very tasty. As part of my blog I will be endeavouring to do one a week until I get through my current range. So the following pictures show my card and the end results. 

My Rocky Road recipe card and the results! 

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